Pakistan Independence Day Reader for Kids

The Dream That Made Them One – A Pakistan Independence Day Reader

This year I sat down to think, what exactly can I teach the kids about the the approaching Pakistan’s Day of Independence – 14th August.

What to tell them about Pakistan when even they often hear us discussing unpleasant news when I remembered the very basic history lesson we were all told. However that’s not all of Pakistan and I really wanted to amend that image to them.

Why was Pakistan made? How did it all come together?

That’s how “The Dream That Made Them One” was born.

A Dream That Made Them One is a lyrical short story introducing the background of the Independence of Pakistan. It highlights important messages of unity through our faith, respecting our differences, dreaming big and working hard to achieve it because the story of Pakistan is full of these lessons. This story is a perfect bite-size introduction for Pakistani children living abroad (like my own) to the concept our home. A place, where despite everything, we will not be ‘othered’. Inshallah.

If you would like something for older children about the Independence of Pakistan then a free printable activity pack is also available:

Did your children enjoy these? Would you like suggest some other teaching points? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

JazakAllah u Khayran

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