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Do you have questions or concerns about homeschooling that you would like to ask? Is there any challenge in homeschooling in which you’d like support or guidance?

I look forward to hearing from dedicated mothers and helping them in their homeschooling journey, Inshallah.

Before filling the form below please keep in mind the following points to ensure maximum benefit.

1. These questions are for sisters only. Any spam, doubtful email will be ignored.

2. Please don’t send general and vague questions such as, “I’m struggling with homeschooling, please help.”

Be specific in your area of struggle to get a response that is more helpful, such as: “I struggle homeschooling with a disruptive toddler.” Etc.

3. Avoid general questions like, “Activities for x years old?” Or “Syllabus for Grade _” These questions are easily answered by Google and also are too broad for me to answer specifically.

Instead I welcome specific searches, “Fun Multiplication resources,” “Motor development activities for toddlers,” ” Science for Kindergartener.”

4. Every family and relationship dynamic is different. It is inevitable that you may be opposed in your decision to homeschool but I can not be expected to tell you how to convince your disapproving spouse or in-laws.

However, there are always tips and tricks to manage the strain such incidents put on you and your homeschool. You are always welcome to share your grievances and I hope to support you the best I can, inshallah.

5. The answers will be shared as a blog post and your name and details will be kept anonymous.

I look forward to hearing from you.