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You've stumbled upon a little virtual space dedicated to provide Muslim mothers support, inspiration and resources to raise their children as lifelong learners who love their faith.

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Kidable Magazine is a project by Ami-Ji Homeschools with the aim to feature the works of homeschooling children.


Assalam u Alaykum, fellow Moms <3

I am called Ami-Ji by my four overly curious, raucous but sweet kids.  I am a homeschooling mother, a writer, obsessed book collector, editor and an essential oil enthusiast.

My homeschooling journey has not always been smooth. I’ve been plagued with fear and despair, stuck and lost but every time I rose and took charge of my children’s learning and tarbiyyah again. I believe no matter which stage of motherhood you are in, you can rise and Take Charge when you make a choice to do so. So will you?

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