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I can't emphasize enough how invaluable KidsAble Magazine has been in our homeschooling journey. The intriguing puzzles, appealing visuals, and inspiring stories have been a source of motivation and guidance. Thanks to KidsAble, I’ve found creative teaching methods, connected with a vibrant community, and watched my children thrive academically and spiritually.

Just A Muslim Mom
Asma Hasan

This homeschooling magazine is a breath of fresh air! We had an enjoyable yet insightful experience whilst reading KidsAble Magazine. It lifts the struggle of home-ed kids to feel seen.

First Issue of KidsAble Magazine
First Issue of KidsAble Magazine

KidsAble Magazine - First Issue

For the first issue, we decided to begin with Bismillah. Yes, that’s basically:

Exploring The 99 Names Of Allah

Children were welcome to explore any of the Names and Attributes of Allah. We began this journey with His Name and asked our wonderful contributors to learn and recognize their Lord with His Beautiful Asma ul Husna. How can we claim to love Allah without knowing Him? Check out how these brilliant kids familiarized themselves with the 99 Names of Allah.

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