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About KidsAble Magazine

KidsAble Magazine is a magazine for Homeschoolers. It was created with the need to celebrate the hardwork of homeschooled children beyond their limited circle. We that believe every child is uniquely creative and explores any topic of learning differently. KidsAble Magazine wants to give homeschoolers the confidence that their work, their voice matters. They are seen and valued. This magazine for Homeschoolers would be a platform to be brave, celebrate their discoveries and share them with their peers.

Kidsable Magazine will follow a theme in every issue and children can contribute their unique creations to it. The contributions will be subjected to editing to review factual accuracy, sensitivity of the topic and general taste while preserving the original work.

Kidsable Magazine is a currently a digital magazine and is free to view, download and print for PERSONAL use. All contributions are the intellectual property of the contributors only. Printed solutions will be discussed and offered for various regions according to the demand. Commercial reselling digitally or in print is not allowed without written consent from Ami Ji Homeschools.

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