Theme of the upcoming KidsAble Issue

KidsAble Magazine will follow a theme every issue.

For the first issue, we would like to begin with Bismillah. Yes, that’s basically:

Exploring the 99 Names of Allah

Children are welcome to explore any of the Names and Attributes of Allah. We begin this journey with His Name and ask our wonderful contributors to learn and recognize their Lord with the beautiful Asma ul Husna. How can we claim to love Allah without knowing Him? Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the 99 Names of Allah and share your findings with KidsAble readers.

Last Submission Date is: 15 November 2022 inshallah.

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Tips for Parents

  • Read the Submission Guidelines
  • Encourage creativity and allow scope for more exploration of the topic. Look beyond the usual interpretation of the theme and bring something new to the table, inshallah.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out for your queries on the topic in the comments below.
  • Email the submission at:

Looking forward to creating a mind-blowing magazine with you all.

-KidsAble Team

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