Starting 10 point.

Here are the BEST 10 point before starting homeschooling.

I needed them especially because I am new to this. I was crazily searching for the best curriculum but this line pretty much put me to peace:

 Homeschooling is a family lifestyle, not just another form of school.

I intend to home-school because of that specific reason. I needed to teach in my family lifestyle’s enviornment. I wish to teach him in the values important for me and yet not available in the usual schooling systems.

Ill be posting some tips that real struck me and perhaps I’d need to refer back to them later on in this journey, inshallah.

don’t fall into the comparison trap

Expect criticism – Not everyone is going to agree with your decision to homeschool.  Be confident you are making the right choice for your family.

Everyone feels like quitting at some point

These are from the contributing writer Jen @ Forever, For Always, No Matter What

I pray for a smooth journey onward
-Amna H-J


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