What is the Only Thing Your Child needs before Starting Hifz

The Only Thing Your Child Needs Before Starting Hifdh/Hifz

I remember it was when my mother gave me the Quran and instructed me to listen to my brother’s memorization that the wonder of Hifdh truly struck me. I listened as ayat after ayat flowed from his mouth, exact and precise and felt a chill. Could there be another book so precisely memorized and read by a 10 year old?

I watched my brother’s Hifdh journey and witnessed my mother’s devotion to assist him. “This is my treasure,” she’d say, “What he does is much more worthy than any good grade you could get.”

It was her sadqa e jaria, her investment in this life that would earn her a crown brighter than the sun on the Day of Judgement. I knew then, I wanted to make a similar investment. I carefully watched the ups and downs of my brothers’ Hifdh. I met other people who had memorized or were doing it. I spoke to different parents and teachers debating various opinions on the how and when of Hifdh.

And I also came across people who had memorized once and forgotten it all.

How was I to guide my children to the journey of Hifdh? What was the secret trick that made it easy and fun?

There were many varying answers. Some considered age as the most important factor, other thought it was the luck of finding an awesome teacher. Hard work or innate talent? Is Hifdh done better from an Islamic School or Traditional Madresa? Some believed the rigid and tiring lifestyle could only help you achieve your goal while others looked down on the methods employed by traditional seminaries.

I pondered on every opinion, my ultimate question being what was the most important thing to consider before starting hifdh? Every opinion had a contradiction that I had witnessed. Learning of Allah’s Book is not restricted to conditions people invent.

But at last I found my answer. I didn’t have to look very far. It was right in front of me – the very spirit of my own choice for my children’s education. As a homeschooling mother, my goal is to make my children love learning. I didn’t want it to be a chore, a checklist task assigned by someone but rather something that intrigued and fascinated them so much that they would not need my supervision.

It is a one word answer:


Instead of putting my children in a setting where they have no choice but to memorize because of expectations or pressure, I had to create a situation where my children found doing Hifdh inspiring enough for them to WANT to do it. It is only by their own willpower and love for memorizing the Quran that they will have tenacity to overcome the struggles in this miracle journey.

But how?

How was such a thing possible with Hifdh. Instead of catchy colourful math manipulative or vibrant books, they were being expected to sit in a place and read a text that was not even in a language they understood. Would it become just a task assigned by their mother or something everyone around them had done so they would as well?

Here are a few quick tips to inspire the love of Hifdh in your children, inshallah:


It is narrated on the authority of Amirul Mu’minin, Abu Hafs ‘Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) who said:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: “Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended.

Bukhari and Muslim

Hifdh brings many blessings in our lives. Coupled with the rewards in the hereafter, we also see so much blessings of it in our worldly lives. The first and foremost task before encouraging the love of Quran in your children should be to purify your intentions of Hifdh. We seek to memorize the Quran for Allah’s Pleasure and for the rewards He promised. Inshallah.

Know the Quran

You’d say, well of course they know what the Quran is.

A book on the shelf, held reverently and occasionally recited?

Allah’s Words revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

We need to go beyond the clinical definitions that we usually use because we are too awkward to get emotional with our children. What is the value of this Book to you?

I remember reading a woman from Kyrgyzstan recount being under the Communist Soviet occupation and unable to have any access to Quran. When Allah finally delivered them from that situation and they got to hold the Quran, it felt like a treasure to them.

And that’s the word.


What word will you use to describe the Quran? What will be the look on your face?

Find a Role Model

No I get it, being a busy mom rushing through your day-to-day chores and looking after your family needs may have you falling short on your Quran reading and dedication. Therefore instead of the usual insistence that we role model our love for the Quran, I recommend finding another role model for the children aspiring to do Hifdh.
It could be anyone, a family member, a friend or even someone you don’t personally know. Speak of them and their achievements with awe and respect and discuss possible ways for your children to emulate them.

Virtues of Hifdh

Repeat the ahadith mentioning the virtues of Hifdh to your children. Our thoughts and actions mostly depend upon our habits, which are built by repetition of the same action or triggering speech. When the virtues and rewards of memorizing the Quran are continuously repeated in front of children, it works well to develop their motivation and willpower to choose this journey.

Understand the Quran

Arabic may not be your native language and getting deep into the tafsir may sound daunting for you and your young child without a qualified teacher. However take some time to speak briefly to your child about the specific Surah or Ayat you are working on. If you are at a part where there is a story of a Prophet then its even more exciting. I’ve seen it work wonders because it gives more meaning and love to their memorization.

Minimize Distractions

In a world that is designed to distract us, expecting our children to skillfully navigate through the curse of our modern lives is quite unfair. It becomes your job as a parent to monitor if the exposure to screen or similar distractions in coming in the middle of their dedication of Hifdh.

It is normal for children to feel more inclined towards games and fun so instead of shaming, it is necessary to create a healthy balance between fun and work. If you have other children not doing Hifdh, make sure to arrange their play routine in such a way that it your other does not feel left out. Failure to do that comes with possibility of children feeling that their Hifdh is a burden and feel bitter about their situation which is contradicts our primary aim to instill the love of Quran in their hearts.


Never underestimate the power of Dua to aid you and your child in this miraculous journey. Allah chooses the heart to carry His Book. Our plans and effort will bear no fruit without His Aid. Ask Him and encourage your child to do the same and let your achievements and your love humble you because it is all from Allah.

Do you have any other tips to inspire and nurture the love of Quran and Hifdh in your children? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Only Thing Your Child Needs Before Starting Hifdh/Hifz”

  1. How to find a role model? Is it necessary that mother or that role model is also hifaz e Quran?
    What is your opinion about long hours madressa for hifz?

    1. A mother does not have to be the role model for Hifz. Look around you… is there anyone your children look up to who is a Hafiz or just has an inspiring connection with the Quran. It could also be someone unknown like a well-known Qari or scholar.

      I don’t believe that driving children to exhaustion is a good method of achieving any goal. A tired mind wont be doing the work of a refreshed one. Please be the judge of your child’s situation. Some children thrive under a more structured environment while other need relaxation and other activities to feel fresh and motivated to learn again.

      Keep a look out on my page. I am to write about a lot of similar Hifz myths soon inshallah.

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