Book Review: From Al Aqsa to the Lote Tree

Book Title: From Al Aqsa to the Lote Tree

Author: Madiya Rana


Ameer’s curiosity on seeing a uniquely patterned tray led him to ask his mother where it came from. Upon hearing of Palestine and his seeing his mother’s pride in her homeland, he questions her on the significance of the third Holy Land. His mother begins to explain in rhymes about Jerusalem within Palestine, the land that saw all Prophets and from where our Prophet Muhammad(saw) began his journey to the Lote-Tree. She mentions Maryam (as) and the fruits provided to her along within the compound of Al Aqsa in Jerusalem and the sanctity of the mosque as the first Qibla for us. The fruits and Palestinian culture are vibrantly visible in illustrations. The book ends with a message of hope and unity with prayers for the suffering of the people of Palestine.


Illustrations with facial expressions.


When my children saw me distraught with all the news about Palestine, they’d ask me many questions. Why was this happening? Why is that place so special? What can we do to help?

More than ever, this time I was able to find many resources to educate them about the significance of Al-Aqsa but what was left was a book. I believe that books stay with children and they are able able recall the pictures, the rhymes and the message of a book they enjoyed more easier than any ‘fun’ worksheet they did. There are plenty of books by Palestinian authors, books featuring Palestinian children and culture but I was seeking a book that explained the importance and history of our Third Haram to children in an engaging manner. Alhamdulilah, Allah led me to this book. I was eagerly waiting for it after ordering and it did not disappoint. I’d recommend this book if you are seeking to educate and create awareness for your children about Palestine.

This book is available on Amazon.

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