Inventors of the Golden Age just like...

Book Review: Inventors of the Golden Age just like…

Title: Inventors of the Golden Age just like… Abdur Rahman

Author:Umm Laith


Inventors of the Golden Age is a name and character personalized book written in rhymes narrating the tales of four brilliant Muslims of the Golden Age. The book takes the intended child on a journey to read about the selected four Muslims’ achievements and their character traits that influenced them to strive for their goal. Finally, the book encourages the child to work hard, persevere and have faith for just like these Muslims, Allah will help them fulfill their dreams.

Personal Note for Abdur Rahman from Ami-Ji and Abu-Ji


I felt like I received a treasure when I got this book as a giveaway gift from the publishers. I’ve always believed that books in which children can see themselves and their communities represented help boost their self-esteem and deeply inspire them. This personalized book doubled the said benefit because Abdur Rahman, my middle child caught between an overbearing elder and demanding toddlers hardly ever gets to connect with things we bring for him. This book, however, was different. He wouldn’t give it to anyone, lovingly turning every page and requesting me to read it. I watched his eyes shining at every story of each Muslim inventor. He declared immediately after he would also make a huge school, be a pilot and a surgeon while finding time to go on a ship very far away.

Apart from my son’s newly found ambitions, I found the interwoven messages of generosity, charity, love of learning and concern for the community so profound in the story of Fatima Al Fihri and Ibn Firnas’ creativity, observation and persistence were valuable teaching skills. Al Zahrawi’s kindness and care were exceptional and Al Idrisi’s adventure endeared him to the children very well. I appreciated the message that research or inventions will never stop and there will always be a need for new and better as a nudge for us and our children not to be lost in the past glory and continue to work towards improvement.

Above all the most crucial lesson: You can take up any challenge and work toward any dream while holding on your Muslim identity and heritage just like the Inventors of the Golden Age.

My favorite page!

Thank you Proud Little Muslims for publishing this treasure. I highly recommend it in every Muslim household

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